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Bass Instincts

Australian recorder virtuoso Alicia Crossley is thrilled to present her 4th solo album “Bass Instincts”. Featuring seven specially commissioned compositions, written by some of Australia’s leading female composers, “Bass Instincts” explores the instinctual musicality, versatility and virtuosity of the bass recorder.

Featuring works by Anne Boyd, Alice Chance, Holly Harrison, Amanda Cole, Fiona Hill, Lisa Cheney and Jessica Wells.


Plus P & H

Bass Instincts reviews 

                 .5      "There’s something of the funky strangeness of Ornette Coleman, say, or late Coltrane in Alicia Crossley’s latest recording...On display throughout this novel, inventive yet accessible program is Crossley’s own extraordinary creativity, imagination, and musicianship. Instinctive, yes. Base, no." Will Yeoman, Limelight Magazine

"Traversing a broad range of stylistic persuasions, this album showcases the incredible musicianship, virtuosity and powerful capacity for storytelling that is one of Australia’s finest artists, Alicia Crossley. Listeners, regardless of their familiarity and comfort levels with new music should take a listen to this wonderful album...As is the case through the whole album, Crossley’s mastery of instrumental colour is breathtakingly compelling" Alex Raineri, The Music Trust

"With Bass Instincts Alicia Crossley showcases the rich possibilities of the bass recorder as a solo instrument. She has taken this medieval instrument hewn from natural materials combined it with the aesthetics of the 21st century and catapulted it into the future." Shamistha de Soysa, Sounds Like Sydney

Muse reviews 

                       "This fascinating, attractive disc from Australian recorder player Alicia Crossley and the Acacia Quartet brings together works by Australian composers of different generations, from Anne Boyd (b. 1946) to Chris Williams (b. 1986)...Each of these composers has a distinctive voice, and all the music is written with a sharp ear for texture. Crossley plays beautifully, but more as a first among equals than a virtuoso in the spotlight. The Acacia Quartet is terrific too, and sound is warm and well balanced." Phil Scott, Fish Fine Music

                  "Muse, from Acacia Quartet and recorder virtuoso Alicia Crossley, is a tight and caried collection, fizzing with energy and unpredictable bite." Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

                  "This charming collection of music by living Australian composers is highly recommended  James Nightingale, Fine Music Magazine


ARIA Nominated for

"Best Classical Album" in 2020

Recorder virtuoso Alicia Crossley and the acclaimed Acacia Quartet present the premiere recording of Australian compositions for recorder and string quartet inspired by poetry, mythology, historic tunes and storybook characters.

Featuring works by Lyle Chan, Chris Williams, Stephen Yates, Jessica Wells, Sally Whitwell and Anne Boyd.



Plus P & H


Alchemy review

“Debussy and Back taken out of its comfort zone by Aussie recorder virtuoso, Alicia Crossley.” Limelight Magazine

Nominated for Best Classical Album

in 2015 AIR Awards

Alchemy presents an exhilarating combination of historical and contemporary compositions, transformed into masterpieces for recorder, performed by award winning Australian recorder player Alicia Crossley.


Works Include

Cello Suite No. 1 by J.S. Bach

Fantasia 10 by G.P.  Telemann

Goldfish Through Summer Rain  by Anne Boyd

Syrinx by C. Debussy

Toward the Sea by Toru Takemitsu

Partita V by J.G.Tromlitz

Sicilienne by G. Faure

 The Garden of Love by JacobTV


plus P & H

Addicted to Bass

Addicted to Bass reviews

“Innovation, creativity and energy in this music make it endlessly fascinating and most enjoyable.” The Music Trust


“Even with my anti-recorder baggage, this disc made a real impression on me, and I suspect Crossley will convert a great many more sceptics before her career is through. If there can be such a thing as a recorder rockstar, Crossley is that, and her performances in these pieces will do much to improve the instrument's standing.”    Fish Fine Music


“Crossley is obviously a virtuosic player.  She is able to execute all of the required technical demands of the music and the musical intent, which can easily be lost when one is not listening to a live performance, comes across well in this recorded format.”  ClassikOn

Alicia Crossley’s  premiere solo CD

featuring 7 innovative compositions by Australian composers featuring bass recorder. 


Works Include

As the Dust Settles by Tristan Coelho

Calliphora by Mark Oliveiro
“E”  by Andrew Batt-Rawden

 Canto-Fiato by Chris Williams
Doppelganger by Elias Constantopedos

Impulse Stream by Alex Wozniak

Night Seller Tissue Season by Hayden Woolf




plus P & H


Alchemy & Addicted to Bass

Buy both CD’s for $35.00 

plus P & H


Alchemy & Muse

Buy both CD’s for $40.00 

plus P & H



Addicted to Bass, Alchemy & Muse

Buy all 3 CD’s for $50.00 

plus P & H


Other CD featuring

Alicia Crossley

Blue Skies, Magpies and Goldfish

Music for recorders, harpsichord, voice and cello by Australian women composers.


Works Include

Magpie Baby:  A Childhood Suite  by Nadje Noordhuis

Re-Inventions by  Elena Cats-Chernin

Trois Lecons: Man Is So Proud  by Ann Carr-Boyd

Goldfish Through Summer Rain by Anne Boyd


Alicia Crossley- Recorders

Danielle Grant- Voice

Angus Ryan- Cello

Diana Weston- Harpsichord


Price $22.50

plus P & H

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